Great and Small Therapeutic Riding


I am from Ecuador, South America. Therapeutic horseback riding has been a great experience for me as an individual with special needs. Not only do I enjoy riding the horse, I love it! I am also very appreciative of the help and love of my trainers, Tania, Laurie and Courtney, who help me every time I come for class. Riding has helped tremendously in making lots of progress such as strengthening my legs and my whole body, and also helps me to stay healthy and in good shape. I’ve been going to horseback riding for approximately two months and in these two months, I’ve been making lots of progress. Horseback riding is also helping me prepare for Special Olympics in each sport that I do, especially cycling. Riding has helped me to pedal a lot faster! In every sport that I do, no matter what, I always keep a positive mind and never give up, and that is going to help me to continue making progress with my horseback riding. Thank you very much Laurie, Tania and Courtney for all of your time, dedication and help that you give me.
Gracias mis amigas!

— David Godoy

Our son absolutely loves riding at Great & Small. Although his language skills are limited, he talks about the horses all week long. Since he’s started with the program, we’ve noticed that he’s more comfortable in social situations and that he has an easier time attending to tasks. But the real value comes from the fun of riding. There’s a real bond between him and the horses that’s truly special. “ (Oct 2011)

— David and Andrea (Parents)

Having heard a bit about therapeutic horseback riding, I was curious how my autistic daughter would respond to it. I shouldn’t have wondered; she took to it like a girl to a horse! She’s been riding for two years now and has really developed some impressive instincts and skills that I wouldn’t have thought possible before she started riding. Every staff member and volunteer at Great and Small has assisted with her skill development with their patience, creativity, and positive attitude. And I am thrilled every time I get to see how proud she is of herself. I feel very fortunate for having found Great and Small for our daughter!” (Oct 2011)

— Laura (Mom)

I want to thank the Great and Small Program. It has helped my two boys a great deal. Both are learning disabled and dyslectic. My older boy has always had an anger problem. Since he learned how to ride and take care of horses, his attitude changed completely. I have never seen him so focused. My younger son lacked self-confidence. He has also improved greatly by riding. The boys enjoy the horses so much that they like to stay after their lessons to help out and hope to volunteer someday.

— Melissa (Mom)