Great and Small Therapeutic Riding


Why Horses?

The interaction between horse and human can produce incredible transformation.

Therapeutic Riding

Great and Small offers therapeutic horseback riding and horsemanship lessons to riders of all ages with a wide variety of physical, emotional, sensory, and developmental challenges. Therapeutic riding teaches horsemanship and horseback riding skills to the participant while incorporating elements to enhance related goals, such as balance, strength, or sequencing.


Hippotherapy at Great and Small is provided by REINS Therapeutic Services, a multidisciplinary therapy practice. Both mounted and unmounted activities are used to improve outcomes. Riding skills are not specifically taught during hippotherapy. Hippotherapy should be insurance-reimbursable for those whose insurance covers speech-language or occupational therapy services.


We are happy to offer group activities to schools and other special interest groups wanting to incorporate horses into their programs. Programming is specifically tailored to the needs of the participants.

Summer Camp

Great and Small and REINS Therapeutic Services team up to offer four weeks of summer camp. This camp is designed to promote speech, language, and social development in a fun and naturalistic environment.

Great and Small offers an additional week of inclusive, recreational summer camp focused on having fun and learning about horses.